May 27, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Fashion 'Fros

I apologize for my lack of posts, a week goes far too fast. Back on track, go Things I Love Thursday!

Haute 'Fros

 Luis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2010 RTW

Before last winter, I never dreamed I would ever consider the afro wig to be fashionable, but then Marc Jacobs put this collection down the runway. I'm not entirely enamored with the garments, but those giant afros adorned with feminine bows take my breath away, and leave me lusting for a ridiculous round wig.

Luis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2010 RTW

Since then, I have seen these calamitous coifs popping up in all sorts of different fashion editorials in the west and in Asia. One of my favorites has got to be this shoot, called Sweet Blossom, featured in Vogue Girl - Korea. I must get one of my Korean friends to get me a subscription to this magazine, they always have the best shoots.

 Vogue Girl Korea - May 2010

The lavender hue and top knot style add a flirty and contemporary twist to the more conventional afro wig style. This look would be darling (and daring) with an OTT sweet lolita or fairy-kei coordinate, or maybe even a more exotic mori or dolly-kei look.

 Vogue Girl Korea - May 2010

This trend has been showing up in Western alternative fashion as well. Check out this amazing shoot by designer and photographer Kristy Mitchell. While I'm not a *huge* fan of the candy stripes in this outfit, I fully appreciate the deathrock approach to the afro. Not to mention the corset and ruff are fierce (click the link for detail shots)!

The Candy Cane Witch - Kristi Mitchell 2010

The haute 'fro manifests in lolita fashion as the "poodley" coif we see popping up all over the pages of Alice Deco ala Mode and the Gothic and Lolita Bible. Victoria Suzanne of Lolita Charm posted this compilation of curly cuties on her blog's accompanying Tumblr. Here we can see a wide range of afro-inspired coifs, usually in the form of teased curls over bangs. We'll dub this the poodle-do.
From the Lolita Charm Tumblr. Look at all the poodle-dos! 
There are a few traditional fros in there as well!

Currently sported by Sachi and Yuka of Kokusyoku Sumire, this equally awesome variant of the traditional fro is much more commonly seen than its counterpart. Someday I will have a wig like this!

Sachi and Yuka of Kokusyoku Sumire in a classic lolita 
ensemble crowned with snow white curls.

But wait! This incredibly fashionable duo has also mastered the art of the true afro wig! Like many other examples of the fashionable fro, they've styled it into dynamic shapes, making the style fresher and more contemporary. These two will never stop amazing me with their amazing outfits!

   Sachi and Yuka manage to tame the beast. Those are some fierce 'fros!

Because she cannot be forgotten in a post about fashion afros, I must include the work of Eri Utsugi, head designer of mercibeaucoup. Though her clothing has little to do with 'fros these days, Utsugi got her break back in 2006 when the fashion media spotted her because of her quirky animal-shapped afro wigs. I don't know if she still features them in her work because most of the coverage I found was from 2006 or 2007, but they are still too much fun to pass up!  Read more about her and her collections here.

Chicken/Duck Afro by Eri Utsugi. From Japan Times article linked above.

Bunny afro by Eri Utsugi 

   Okay, not an animal, but food afros are equally amazing! 
Ice cream wig by Eri Utsugi.


  1. If you get a subscription to Vogue Girl Korea, please let me read it. I've been trying to figure out how to get a subscription for a few years. @_@

  2. This really reminds me of the SP10 Comme de Garcons collection too.
    looks alot like those Korean vogue wigs.

    these are also pretty fantastic, but I don't know if they count.

  3. Gotta the fluff. Very nice post.

    By Dolly
    "Stay whimsical."

  4. Oh I hope you return again to write more on this eclectic blog! I love your unique perspective and share so many of your loves and interests...all things Victorian, morbid, fairytales, Odilon Redon, and so much more!

    Great to see a post combining more editorial fashion with the wonderful lolita!
    Hope Ava

  5. what a great blog! here is so many inspirations!

    have a nice time,

  6. I loved this post on fros in lolita and runway fashion! I had a hard time reading the font though, so I mostly looked at the pictures :(

  7. @Victoria Suzanne Thanks Victoria Suzanne! I'm a long time reader and fan of Lolita Charm/Parfait Doll, so I'm really flattered you're reading my blog! I hope to post more lolita-specific things in the future, but I am still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing.

    I understand Ellejay is a mutual friend! She mentioned she's coming to visit soon. I hope you guys have a fabulous visit~