Nov 13, 2011

VooDoo Dolly Accessories Review

It always makes me happy to support independent crafters and designers in the gothic/lolita/neo-romantic community.... especially when their designs are as unique as VooDooDolly's. About a month ago, she listed a bunch of pieces on the EGL Community, and I fell in love immediately! It was hard to choose which pieces I wanted to get, but I decided on a cruxifix necklace and ring.

My haul! 

Everything came exceptionally well packaged in individual boxes customized with stickers and wax seals. Voodoo Dolly also included a cute thank you note, a business card, and even a free gift! Bonus points that the note was written on Sentimental Circus stationary,  which is my favorite Sanrio franchise <3.

Cruxafix Necklace

The first item I ordered was this antique gold rosary-inspired necklace. It features a really detailed cruxafix, a chain cluster of gold and glass beads, a bible locket charm, and a scarlett tassel. I don't have as much red as I'd like in my wardrobe, but the blood-red tassel sold me on this necklace!

Bisque Doll Ring

The second piece I ordered is a simple ring. It has a solid brass, non-adjustable base, and features a tiny doll. I'm not sure if the doll was just a pre-fab cabochon, but it looks and feels really old. It reminds me of something found on an archeological dig.

Free gift! Skull and lace ring

I only ordered two pieces from Voodoo Dolly, but she included this third for free with my package! It's a skull, skewed at a jaunty angle on an antique gold-finish ring base. The skull itself is a little atypical from skulls generally seen in gothy jewlery. Like a child's or something. The whole thing is set off by two leaves of venice lace. It's really cool! The plastic the skull is made of is a little waxy, leading me to wonder if Voodoo Dolly casted it herself. Overall its a great piece, and an even better free gift. 

My new rings together!

I'm really happy with the pieces I purchased from Voodoo Dolly! I've actually been thinking about buying a few more pieces from her shop. Her Etsy seems to be on hiatus for the time being due to October conventions, but it can be found here when its up:


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