Jul 7, 2012

Artist of the Week: Egon Schiele

Artist of the Week: Egon Schiele

He's kind of handsome... but also kind of creepy.... 

Schiele was born in Austria in 1890 to a railroad worker of modest means. His mother was an immigrant from Bohemia, and her influence appears in his work in the Eastern European folk costume in that appears again and again in his drawings. In 1906, Schiele moved to Vienna and became involved in the Vienna Secessionist movement, making the acquaintences of artists such as Gustav Klimt and Joseph Hoffmann. Although Schiele's drawings were greatly admired by those in artistic circles, the public considered them obscene. His lifestyle added fire to this already controversial figure: Schiele lived unwed in Vienna with his very young mistress, was well known to hire teenage models, and was at one point arrested for seducing a girl under the age of consent. Regardless of his notoriety, the way the artist was able to capture the human body is one of the most evocative and stunning known to art history.

Portrait von Wally - 1912

  In Egon Schiele is fairly well known compared to some of his contemporaries, but his work is no less moving. Known for his jarring nudes, Egon Schiele is one of the most well-respected Vienna Secessionists today. His work has inspired many designers, illustrators, and artists and it is easy to find contemporary art that seems to be a result of his influence.  Perhaps less obvious, Egon Schiele was a formidable fashion illustrator. Although his work was made as fine art, many of his drawings show clothing with very rich detail and texture. Many of his subjects have a look that might appeal to quaintrelles and neo-romantics today....

Left to right: 1. Red hair and flushed makeup in a provincial shoot from We Heart It  2. Retro Girl! feature in TomoTomo magazine October 2011  3. "Portrait of the Artist's Wife" Egon Schiele 1917  4. Autumnal look from whimsical fashionista Amy Flying a Kite  5. Handmade Autumn Harvest patchwork skirt available from Elyse Originals on Etsy

Because of his Bohemian lineage, many of his drawings have strong references to Eastern European folk dress and lore, which resonates today in dolly-kei styles. 

Left to right: 1. Doll head vase necklace with tiny flowers from MeghaUniqueBoutique on Etsy  2. Off with her head! Doll head rings from Allies Adornments on Etsy  3. A dolly-kei  coordinate by Hitomi from the Grimoire blog  4. Striped-tartan stockings in a victorian-inspired runway look - source unknown   5."Girl with Hood" Egon Schiele 1910
6. "Mother with Two Children" Egon Schiele 1917  7. 1980's embroidered "ethnic" vest from North Brooklyn Dry Goods on Etsy  8. Handmade crochet shawl from Nefertari Crafts on Etsy  9. Dolly kei x classic lolita look from 
Autumn 2010 Alice Deco ala Mode

Left to right: 1. "Girl with the Green Pinafore" Egon Schiele 1910  2. One piece and pinafore by lolita indie brand Moon Afternoon 3. Promotional campaign for Emily Temple Cute 2010   4. "Girl in a Green Dress" Egon Schiele 1913  
5. Green chiffon jumperskirt by Juliette et Justine   6. Chunky knit socks on Etsy

So I thought I would do something a little different with artist of the week this week. Instead of focusing only on the artist's work with style tips at the bottom, I thought I would try my hand at incorporating works by the artist in with fashion that relates. How do you like it? Would you prefer more biographical information and less fashion commentary? Is this format better?

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