Oct 5, 2011

A little bit of decorating...

I moved into my current apartment about a month ago, but I haven't had the time to really organize the place to a state worthy of decorating. My room seems to be the only place I can fit a bit of prettiness for the time being. Today I cleaned, and organized things to my liking. My decorating scheme has only just begun!


My nightstand... the book is "The Collector", if anyone is curious. An old roommate of mine found me the bowling clown print... It's really strange and sometimes I think about switching something else into that frame, but I can't bring myself to do it. I guess I've grown fond of him. I found the architectural photograph, and many others like it, today while exploring a closing photography studio.


The deer cranium I purchased at a general store in Arkansas, crested with a 1940's hair piece. It lives on my vanity.


Hat wall. I really enjoy the texture that the round forms of the hats lends to the wall. A few of my favorite shoes and the crown-shaped hat block I made live on the radiator.


My dressform displays some choice accessories including Monsieur Foxy Roxy and the rabbit headpiece I made. Other treasures include faux hydrangeas, dumpster'd lace, tassels, and a crochet reticule my grandmother gave me. I believe it's Edwardian. The tatted balls on it are so cool!

What are your favorite details in your room? What things for you make a space truly yours?

Ciao, bellas ~
Barbara Lynn
- the Lady Saltina


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