Oct 11, 2011

A quick craft idea....

My roommate has been frantically making things to decorate and organize our new apartment. October is always incredibly hectic for me, so I have only had time to muse on domestic crafts! This quick "terrarium" project I found on my Tumblr dashboard today is easy enough that I might even be able to make a few before its too late to find plastic spiders and skeletons. All you need is some curiosity-inducing specimens, craft moss and twigs from your back yard, and leftover jars.

Halloween Terrarium Project

STEP 1: First, wash each container and dry thoroughly. Choose a sturdy twig that's slightly shorter than the jar and hot-glue it to the inside of the lid, so that the twig sticks straight up.

STEP 2: Hot-glue plastic bugs to the wood — making sure the decorations are small enough to fit inside the glass when you seal the terrarium.

STEP 3: Spray-paint everything but the jar — twig, bugs, lid — white or black.

STEP 4: Once the piece has dried, hot-glue green floral moss around the base of the twig. Carefully place the jar upside down over the lid and screw it on.

Original craft post can be found here: http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/terrarium-halloween-crafts-1009


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