Aug 1, 2013

5 Songs for Dark Mori Girls

CocoRosie - Beautiful Boyz

Cocorosie's gossamer crooning is the perfect accompaniment for any dark mori girl. All of the sisters' oeuvre fits the strega aesthetic wonderfully, but this is one of my favorite Cocorosie songs. The video is stunning as well! The Bearded Lady is a favorite character of mine (I have been known to show up to Carnivale parties with a well-groomed fu-manchu), and I love her inclusion in this video!

O'Death - Down to Rest

O'Death is a Brooklyn-based folk band I would describe as falling into the Gothic Americana genre, with heavy bluegrass and folk punk influences. Most of their music is reminiscent of fiddle ditties to be played at a wake in the old west, which I for one adore. "Down to Rest" is probably their most popular single, and for good reason. I can't get enough of this song! It's upbeat (for O'Death, that is), and even danceable, but still flavored with a strong dose of the macabre. The video is awesome too, although not very dark mori. Skeletons, astronauts, gambling?! Do yourself a favor and watch it.

16 Horsepower - Sinnerman

16 Horsepower could also fall into the Gothic Americana genre, but what makes them unique is that this band, and their still-active side project Woven Hand, identify as a christian band. What makes them unique as a religious band is their preoccupation with the darker side of christianity, writing lyrics about death, guilt, perdition, redemption, how man is sinful... ect, ect. Frontman David Eugene Edwards has likened himself and his vision of Christianity to that of Northern Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch. Religion aside, 16 Horsepower's sounds are completely enjoyable and relevant to the dark mori aesthetic. No video for this one, sorry!

Siouxie and the Banshees - Strange Fruit

Okay, it's probably predictable but I LOVE Siouxie Sioux. In addition to just good old gothy admiration, I think she's an incredibly versatile musician and can creatively touch just about any genre. This cover of the classic song "Strange Fruit" captures the tragic nature of the original as well as incorporating delicious jazz notes that hint to the song's origins. I think its absolutely perfect for a dark mori girl!

Rasputina - Why Don't You Do Right?

Rasputina is another musical match made in heaven for dark mori kei. This trio sings deliciously gothic folk songs accompanied by the velvety sounds of the cello. I had trouble picking a single song for this list, but their first album "Thanks for the Ether", off which this song is taken, is my favorite.



  1. Usually, I click on youtube links in alternative blogs with some trepidation. My taste in music varies wildly, but generally gothic music leaves me unaffected.

    However, I rather enjoyed some of these songs. I think I'll check out some more of Rasputina and sixteen horsepower sinnerman. I've been craving some new music, so this came at the perfect time.

    On artist who reminds me strongly of the mori-girl aesthetic, though I'm not sure if it is dark mori girl, is Agnes Obel. It's very ethereal and woodsy. Here is the link to my favorite and her most popular song:

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Personally, I prefer Nightwish with Tarja as lead singer and Stratovarius, thank you very much.